Random Video Chat Sites Like Omegle

Site Rating Country Visits Yesterday Language Registered
4.16 / 1890 votes
Chatrandom is based in the United States 891030 1333 Multiple
3.32 / 2567 votes
Omegle is based in the United States 714075 872 English
3.21 / 1614 votes
Chat Roulette is based in the United States 385407 363 English
3.76 / 709 votes
Camsurf is based in United States 314395 460 English
3.75 / 119 votes
Pornoroulette is based in the United States 32514 130 English
3.09 / 590 votes
Shagle is based in the United States 305168 404 English
2.93 / 471 votes
InstaChatRooms is based in the United States 287365 404 English
3.09 / 329 votes
Random Chat US is based in the United States 211857 288 English
3.13 / 392 votes
Tiny Chat is based in the United States 209716 253 English
3.25 / 657 votes
Chatspin is based in the United States 203989 291 English
3.22 / 636 votes
Chatki is based in Germany 201474 253 English
4.08 / 307 votes
Flingster is based in the United States 124111 205 English
3.25 / 329 votes
Gaypage is based in the United States 118404 145 English
3.30 / 80 votes
Gay Chatroulette is based in the United States 40567 192 Multiple
3.24 / 49 votes
Dirtyroulette is based in the United States 33915 394 English
4.32 / 225 votes
Chatmasher is based in the United States 20525 144 English
4.25 / 12 votes
Sexchatster is based in the United States 3797 1035 English
4.05 / 12 votes
Gay Connect is based in the United States 2105 1035 English

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Easily Find the Best Omegle Alternatives

With so many new Chatroulette sites like Omegle being launched every single month, it becomes difficult to keep up with them all. However, many of them have new features and awesome perks to offer their users, which really makes them worth knowing about. Fortunately for you, we have done all of the hard work for you so you don’t have to go digging deep to find the latest Chatroulette sites. At OmeChat, we add all of the latest Omegle alternatives in one convenient area so that you can easily be made aware of the latest releases in the random chat industry.

We place sites in our list according to one simple thing; the ratings that users give each site. The better ratings a site gets, the higher up it will be placed on our list. This is why it’s important that you vote for your favourite sites, so that others can know about them as well. We place the sites in order according to what the users think about each site; we don’t have any input on which sites appear at the top. That means that every single vote counts towards determining the best Omegle alternatives on the web.

Benefits of Using OmeChat:

Voting for a site that you enjoy using is incredibly easy to do at OmeChat. All you have to do is hover over the star rating of your choice in the row that has the site that you want to vote for and then click on the amount of stars that you wish to give that site. You can also notice that beside each and every star rating is the amount of votes that each site has received thus far. With thousands of votes for each site, you can tell that everyone takes this seriously and enjoys rooting for their favourite chat site.

We’ve even decided to simplify things for your even more by adding in the country of origin for each site in our list. Finding sites for Chatroulette has never been easier because now you can choose sites that come from your country. You can also view the amount of visits that each site has received in the past 24 hours as well as the total amount of visits that each site has received during the previous day. To make it even easier on you, we went ahead and listed the languages that are available on each of these Omegle alternatives so you can pick the chat sites that have the languages that you want.

We don’t just place any site in our list because people vote for them; we take the time to test every single site that appears in our list before placing it here. This allows us to bring you only the highest quality Chatroulette sites online. When we add new chat sites to our list, they will appear at the very bottom, but they won’t have any votes. That makes it very important that you take the time to check out the entire list and try out new sites. Voting for new sites allows others to determine whether or not it’s worth using and it allows us to know whether or not we should keep it in our list.

Helpful Tips for Using Random Chat Sites

You may get overwhelmed or even frustrated when you sit in front of sites like Omegle and Chatalternative for hours at a time without ever getting anyone interested in chatting with you. Although there isn’t a hidden secret that allows you to get tons of people to chat with you on Chatroulette sites, there are definitely some things that you could be doing differently in order to increase your success.

First of all, you will want to figure out what your reason for using Chatroulette really is. Determine whether you’re searching for friendship, love or simply a quick way to have sex with random strangers online. After figuring out what it is you’re after on these sites, you will be able to easily apply our helpful tips and have a much more enjoyable time.

Come up with a strategy; having a strategy is the key to getting tons of people to want to talk with you on video chat sites. If you just sit in front of your webcam doing nothing the entire time, no boy or girl with want to stick around and watch you do nothing. Boring people who do nothing on cam get “nexted” almost immediately by most users.

What you need to do is find an interesting and unique way for people to want to stick around. Get creative; there are no limits when you’re trying to attract people to your webcam. Making a sign is a great way to get started. Most of the time, when people are holding up signs, the others will take a few seconds to read what’s on that sign. This can give you enough time to lure them to your webcam even more.

Use phrases on your sign that will either shock people or get them interested in getting to know you more. You can even ask questions on your sign; people will most likely want to stick around to answer your question. It’s a great icebreaker and it takes very few materials to get started. Plus, you don’t need a ton of self-confidence to just sit there holding up a sign.

Smiling is another great way to lure more people to your webcam. With thousands of people online at any time of the day, it’s easy for people to press on the “next” button. If you’re sitting there with a big frown on your face or no expression whatsoever, people will most likely move on to a different webcam. By placing a big smile on your face, people will be more inclined to ask you why you’re so happy.

When your goal is to find true love online, remember to not make up any lies. It’s easy to lie to a woman on webcam simply because they are miles away, but you should avoid it at all costs. Remaining polite and honest is the best way to gain a woman’s heart. Women can sense when you’re lying, so keep it cool and tell the truth.

Try not to get caught up in the friend zone if you’re trying to find love online. This means you’ll have to begin flirting with the people you meet pretty much instantly. However, don’t come off too strong. Simply compliments such as “you have the prettiest eyes I’ve seen all day” or “I love your nose, it’s so cute” are fun ways to compliment a person without going overboard. You don’t want to start off with “show me your tits” or “how’s that ass girl”.

Complimenting a girl on cam is all about being different from the other guys. There are many guys on random chat sites, but only a few girls. When a girl goes on a cam chat site, she gets rude remarks, asked for sex and constantly gets harassed by all of the other guys. You want to make her feel special by giving her sweet compliments that make her blush.

If your goal is simply to make new friends, laugh a lot. Make tons of jokes and avoid complimenting people too much. Compliments may be mistaken for flirting. Laughing all the time and becoming a funny person will get people sticking around at your webcam without it being about anything other than pure friendship.

When people start sticking around at your webcam, tell them that you’re interested in making friends. Tell them that you just want to have fun conversations with random individuals. It’s a great way to be honest and possibly make some new buddies. Sites like Omegle are a wonderful way for you to socialize even when you’re stuck at home, so get out there and have the time of your life!